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Are you a sugar daddy or looking for one? Back in the early 2000’s, up until  probably 2009, sugar daddy-type websites used to be good. Meaning- mutually beneficial to both sugar daddies and sugar babies alike.You could get a beautiful and fairly innocent, early to late twenties aged woman, that was let’s say, “truthfully” going to college and just looking for some extra cash to help pay her way- one was me. In return you would benefit by receiving her undivided attention and.. well, you know.

A personal contribution on this topic

It was truly a good thing during that time. It really was what it was meant to be- for those of you that are new to looking for a sugar baby and wondering why it doesn’t work. I had two really good sugar daddies (not at the same time). The first one was a successful software developer. He used to fly me from Chicago to San Francisco every other weekend. He would take me shopping (spending hundreds of dollars), take me out for dinner and drinks, we would go sight-seeing, attend awesome concerts, etc. In return he got the naughtiest side of me- every night I was there staying at his sweeeet mountain view mansion!
The second one was local to Chicago and a top executive of a huge global company. He offered me $50k to be his sugar baby for one year. Plus a fully furnished apartment on the 40th floor of a downtown Chicago high-rise and great vacations with first class airfare. It lasted a year. How in the heck did I let these good sugar daddies get away, you ask? I graduated and had to help a ailing family member.  And I appreciate them both so much for those experiences and miss them so much 🙁

The year the party ended

But just like that…everything just changed for the worst. Could it have been because of the financial collapse of 2008? After all, hard times always call for desperate measures. I went back to the sites to see if my previous daddies were still on there to rekindle our affair. While browsing I started getting odd messages from members on there being kind of jilted sounding.  Mentioning women signing up and lying about everything. Saying their profile picture(s) were fake, stolen selfies, from beautiful girls on social media sites. The women meeting up with them were actually fat, ugly or both. So after rejection and being even more desperate now, women started to outright scam the sugar daddies. Just one example- “Please send me money first, I need it for- xyz, then we can have our first meeting”, then never hold up on the end the agreement.

The “Working Girls”

Yes, as most everyone knows, independent escorts infiltrated these sites as extra revenue from the slow down of their business in 2009. Playing the role of college- good-girl, model, actress with credits, what-have-you. I would say, it was when the escorts came in… it got a whole lot messier. When their business slowed down they tried the sugar daddy sites. Finding out that they make less as a sugar baby than a per hour date (like $400 for 4 hours of their time compared to $400/per hour). So what did they do? Decided to go the route of “take what you can get and get out” type of mentality.- RUINING this once good thing!
                                                  sugar daddy

The Sugar Daddy Side.. you didn’t think I would leave the men out of this did you? 

Then the sugar daddies started their own scam, of course after being scammed first- by being EXTREMELY cheap, lying and trying (unsuccessfully) to get free naughtiness from the far-and-few-in-between gorgeous, good girls- like ME! Therefore, the good sugar babies, like ME, are almost all nearly gone (it’s safe to say 95%). Abandoning those sites and leaving the sugar daddies and their egos with only the scammers to sift through.
Now sugar daddies on those sites are stating on their profiles- “don’t ask me for money upfront”. I have NEVER asked for money upfront so they appear to me as “damaged goods” and will most likely be the type that is scamming for free (blank) because they have been jaded. Some have money but are those men are using it as a power-trip over women, some that are really broke and lying about their income and some even still living in their parent’s basement. They are even using photo’s from 30 years ago.. they claim women only do that.

Ok I’ll shut up now

You are all, both sides, wasting your time on the sugar daddy sites. Nobody is giving anything away for free on either side- period. In the end,  it’s all just a vicious cycle of games anymore. I blame the ugly broads and the cheap, mostly ugly, independent escorts. Their thinking goes hand-in-hand with believing any woman can be a model or sugar baby.  Pffft! They really need a reality check.
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